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Types of UAE Wills

There are two (2) types of Wills that can be written by the non-Muslims having assets or residing in the UAE:

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1. Notary Public Wills

These wills are written in English and Arabic languages (bilingual format) and registered with a Notary Public in the Emirate where the testator resides or has assets. 

2. DIFC Wills

No-Muslims in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah have the option to register their Wills with the DIFC Wills Service Centre (DIFC WSC). These Wills are prepared and registered pursuant to the DIFC WSC Rules which are based on the principles common law. The main benefits of registration of DIFC Wills are: 

  • Moveable as well as immoveable assets (including real estate) can be distributed as per your wishes – which may not be possible through a Will registered with Notary Public.
  • The DIFC WSC Rules provide answers to all types of situations in relation to drafting and probate of Wills.
  • It is much quicker to obtain a probate order pursuant to a Will registered with the DIFC Wills Service Centre. 

All resident and non-resident non-Muslims over 21 years of age are eligible to register Wills with the DIFC Wills Service Centre.

Registered with
DIFC Wills Service Centre

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