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Online Businesses in UAE

5 things you need to know about Online Business in the UAE

  1. Online businesses became a norm a few years ago and are increasingly becoming part and parcel of the everyday lives of the consumers around the world. This business model is gaining huge popularity amongst the current generation of entrepreneurs in the UAE. Online business provides the entrepreneurs with a great way to generate revenue with national and international reach. The overhears in an online business are low when compared with a traditional business. It is important the you have the correct legal structure to start your online business.
  2. Once your business has been appropriately licensed in the UAE and you are ready to go online, you will need three key documents which will set out the terms and conditions of your relationship with your customers. These documents are known as (i) business terms and conditions, (ii) website terms of use and (iii) privacy policy.
  3. Terms and conditions of an online business become applicable to each customer.  These are the terms on which you sell your products or services to customers on your website. It is advisable that these terms and conditions are drafted in compliance with the consumer laws of the UAE and provide you the maximum protection available under the law.
  4. The terms and use of your website are applicable to each visitor on your website even when that visitor does not purchase your goods or products. In other words, these are the terms on which you allow the visitors and users to access your website. These terms also provide necessary protection to your intellectual property in addition to setting out the terms of conduct which each visitor is required to comply with.
  5. All online businesses are likely to collect customer’s personal information as part of provision of the goods and services. This information may be collected for various reasons including ensuring the delivery of the products and services to the customer and later in reaching the customer as part of marketing exercise. Your online business is therefore required to have a privacy policy. The privacy policy usually outlines the terms on which you will collect, manage, store and use the personal information of each customer.

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