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Cost of making a Will in Dubai

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Find out the Cost of making Wills in Dubai

DIFC Wills Fee ScheduleDIFC Single WillDIFC Mirror Wills
Drafting FeeAED 5,999AED 2,999 AED 7,999AED 3,999
Complies with the DIFC Rules
Covers property distribution as per your wishes
Appoints guardians for minor children
Appoints executors
Covers gift provisions, if any
Covers special instructions, if any
Covers detailed guidelines on signing
Covers free revisions within 6 months
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The registration fee charged by DIFC Courts Wills Service is as follows:

  • DIFC Single Will: AED 10,000
  • DIFC Mirror Wills: AED 15,000

The above registration fee is payable by the clients directly to the DIFC Courts Wills Service.

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