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Register IFZA Free Zone Company in just 3 simple steps

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Step 1

1. Choose your Package and Order

Choose your free zone company package and fill in our quick form to place your order in 5 minutes.

Step 2

2. We will Incorporate your Company

We will collect and complete your documents, file the application and establish your company.

Step 3

3. Start Business

You will receive your IFZA free zone company license and you can start your business instantly!

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About IFZA Free Zone Dubai

IFZA Free Zone (or IFZA) is one of the latest additions to the free zones in the UAE. It is managed and regulated by the government regulatory body known as the International Free Zone Authority. IFZA has quickly gained outstanding reputation and won the respect of the business community as one of the most promising and fastest growing free zones in the UAE. IFZA is located in the Emirate of Dubai with offices in Dubai.

Ever since its launch, IFZA Free Zone has proven to become the cheapest free zone in the UAE. It has introduced various license packages which have gained significant popularity amongst the business owners in the UAE and around the world.

Because of its flexible, cost-effective and innovative licensing solutions, IFZA is now a free zone of choice for a vast majority of the entrepreneurs and news businesses being established in the UAE. The free zone provides outstanding benefits from ease of doing business to facilities such as virtual offices to business owners and investors planning to establish their businesses in the UAE.

IFZA does not require the shareholders to travel to its offices for signing any application forms or the memorandum and articles of association for the incorporation of the company. The entire process of company formation can be completed remotely regardless of the location of the shareholders (i.e. inside or outside the UAE). The average time for free zone company formation with IFZA is 3 working days.

When compared with other free zones in Dubai and other Emirates in the UAE, IFZA has been found to be the most competitive in its pricing and one of the quickest in terms of the time taken to incorporate companies. The free zone has put in place thorough process to ensure that it takes care of the end-to-end process for the company formation as well as issuance of residence visas in a seamless manner.

There is no requirement for a paid-up capital to be deposited into a bank account for setting up the company this free zone. The bank accounts for IFZA free zone companies can be opened with nearly all banks in the UAE.

International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) – Dubai’s rising star in free zones

What are free zones and what is IFZA?

Free zones are special economic zones set up with the objective of offering tax concessions and customs duty benefits to investors and business owners. Free zones in the UAE were originally rolled out to boost international business in the UAE by offering benefits such as 100% foreign company ownership. There are currently around forty-five (45) free zones across the UAE. Amongst these, one of the most popular free zone is International Free Zone Authority (IFZA).

Originated in Fujairah, IFZA has always been on track to become a leading investment hub for both international and local business owners. IFZA is popular for offering one of the most competitively priced free zones company setups in the UAE. Another reason for its popularity is that IFZA offers tailored solutions for each prospective business. IFZA incorporates service standards on an international level ensuring that each client has the best company set up and after care services possible.

Is IFZA in Dubai?

In October 2020 Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA), the regulatory body for Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) signed an agreement with IFZA. This agreement empowers new and existing IFZA companies to be incorporated under the joint umbrella of DSOA and IFZA, boosting the flexibility of doing business in the UAE. Additionally, this agreement provides entrepreneurs and startups with opportunities to expand their businesses and partner with a host of technological companies, experts and startups based in Dubai Digital Park (DDP), Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus (Dtec) and DSOA headquarters.

What businesses can be set up with IFZA in Dubai?

Companies with the following license types can be set up with IFZA in Dubai:

  • Professional license: providing consultancy, technical and other services to business professionals across all industries.
  • Commercial license: allows for the import, export, distribution and storage of items specified on the license.
  • Industrial license: The import of raw materials followed by production, re-production, manufacture and packaging of products, and export.
  • Branch: Foreign incorporated companies may register a branch with IFZA, Dubai. The activity of the branch should be identical to the activity of the parent company.

What are the benefits of setting up a company with IFZA in Dubai?

Some of the key benefits that IFZA offers include:

  • Quick registration and license issuance.
  • Ability to incorporate holding companies.
  • No requirement for physical offices.
  • Wide range of business activities.
  • Very competitive prices.
  • Shareholder’s physical presence is not required to incorporate a company.
  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • 100% exemption from corporate and income taxes.
  • Zero foreign currency restrictions.
  • 100% repatriation of company profits and capital.
  • Various visa and non-visa packages are available.
  • Do business with various multinational companies situated in Dubai.
  • IFZA offers a wide range of office solutions including individual desks, private offices and customised office suites.
  • Along with company setup, IFZA offers the following additional services:
  • License amendment services.
  • License upgrade and downgrade services.
  • Document attestation.
  • Immigration services.

What are the steps for setting up a company with IFZA?

One is required to take the following simple steps to set up a company with IFZA:

  • Placing an order.
  • Documentation
  • Approval and processing
  • Issuance of license.

What are the other initiatives of IFZA?

IFZA strives to become an environmentally conscious free zone and operates responsibly regarding carbon footprints to pose a minimal detrimental impact on the environment. To do this, IFZA is currently focusing on five initiatives, including:

  • Use of wind energy.
  • Use of solar energy.
  • Effective insulation of buildings.
  • Introduction of a paperless system.
  • Only using suppliers with a well-established carbon footprint.

Legal Inz provides company formation services to set up a company with IFZA.  Legal Inz also assists in issuance of residential visa to shareholders and employees. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance relating to setting up companies in IFZA.

Main Advantages of IFZA Free Zone

Here are some of the main advantages of setting-up free zone companies with International Free Zone Authority (IFZA), Dubai, UAE:

  • One of the cheapest free zones in the UAE.
  • Exemption from corporate and income taxes.
  • Entire company formation process can be completed remotely.
  • 100% foreign ownership permitted.
  • No requirement for NOC from current visa sponsor (employer).
  • Broadest range of business activities available.
  • No requirement for a physical office.
  • No requirement for a paid-up share capital.
  • No requirement for annual audit report.
  • Rental agreement provided for bank account opening.
  • Holding company structures available with cheaper formation cost.
  • Three (3) years UAE residency visas for shareholders and employees.
  • Easy bank account opening with UAE banks.
  • Minimum documentation required for company formation.
  • All licenses are limited liability company (LLC).
  • No requirement for guarantee deposit for employee visas.
  • Unique legal framework designed for SME’s and larger companies’ needs.

Comparing with other free zones, IFZA is one of the cheapest free zones in the UAE.

Legal Inz is a registered agent with IFZA and ensures the ensures the entire company formation and issuance of residence visas with IFZA in a seamless manner.

IFZA Free Zone License Types

International Free Zone Authority, Dubai (IFZA) offers more than 1,000 business activities to the companies incorporated in the free zone. These license activities can effectively serve small start-ups to large multinational companies.

The types of licenses offered by the free zone include:

Consultancy License

This includes activities for consultancy services for professionals. It is recommended for business professionals providing expert and professional consultancy services across all industries.

Service License

This includes activities for the provision of services. It is recommended for service providers for the production, re-production, transformation and distribution of services. Service license includes rendering services as the primary objective and utilizing associated goods to provide those services.

Trading License

This includes activities for trading in goods. It is recommended for the import, export, distribution and storing of goods specified on the license.

General Trading License

This includes activities for trading in a wide range of goods. It is recommended for the trade in a wider range of activities and gives freedom and flexibility to trade in any commodity which is permitted within the UAE.

Holding License

This includes activities of holding assets or shares in other companies. It is recommended for holding standalone assets and/or shares in other companies. Holding companies are commonly for controlling other companies and entities, property and real estate, stocks, assets, trademarks and patents.

Who Should Consider Setting-up Company with IFZA Free Zone?

Given the wide range of options available for setting-up new free zone companies in the UAE, it is important to understand if you should consider IFZA free zone for your new venture. We see new companies being established by a variety of shareholders including corporate shareholders, holding companies, entrepreneurs, businessmen and employees in transition.

We have categorized the four (4) types of shareholders who may be particularly interested in setting up their free zone companies with International Free Zone (IFZA) in Dubai. We have outlined these types of shareholders and explained the reasons why they consider IFZA as the most suited option:

1. Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are the top category of shareholders who set-up new ventures to bring new ideas to life with various products and services through innovative approach. They take calculated risks and look to set-up companies with low incorporation costs and overheads to minimize the initial investment. If the new venture becomes successful, they either raise funding or add their personal equity to expand the business.

IFZA Free Zone is the most popular choice among entrepreneurs given the cheapest company formation packages offered. We have seen entrepreneurs set-up businesses with IFZA and then gradually enhance their formation packages to increase the number of visa allocations keeping in view their employee count. These businesses often expand to companies in mainland areas in Dubai and other Emirates to meet growing customer demand.

2. Employees in Transition

Given the volume of opportunities offered by the UAE, a huge number of employees in organizations across the UAE aspire to set-up and operate their own businesses. IFZA provides an ideal opportunity to these employees who by default become ‘employees in transition’ when they start running their small venture by incorporating their first company with IFZA.

Employees in transition also prefer IFZA as the free zone does not require a no-objection letter from their current employers.

These employees have the option of setting-up their own business and growing it on the side while still working full-time for their current organization. Once the business reaches a certain threshold, the employee makes a complete shift to pursue full-time business development. We have seen that these businesses expand into other Emirates in the UAE and into the mainland areas.

3. Mature Businesses

The third category of shareholders are typically corporate shareholders or mature businessmen who wish to establish new ventures with minimum costs involved in the incorporation and maintenance of the company. As IFZA provides them with one of the cheapest and easiest options, they incorporate their companies with this free zone without any hesitation.

4. Asset Holding Purposes

The fourth most popular reason for setting-up a free zone company is to hold various types of assets including shares in other companies, real estate property, intellectual property, trademarks and patents. The holding company license type packages offered by IFZA are typically cheaper than the other license types. For this reason, IFZA attracts a large number of shareholders who show interest in establishing their holding company licenses in the UAE.

Legal Inz is a registered agent of IFZA. We provide end-to-end assistance in IFZA company formation and issuance of UAE visas. We introspect the need of your business and suggest the best licensing option based on your budget.

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Bank Accounts

We work closely with the following banks for opening bank accounts for our clients.

UAE Bank Accounts

Our Simple Company Formation Process

The process for setting up a company with International Free Zone Authority, Dubai, UAE, is provided below.

Apply Online

Step 1 – Apply

You need to select your favorite package and place order for your company formation with IFZA.

Application Forms

Step 2 – Application Forms Preparation

We will collect the required documents from you and prepare the necessary application forms for your signature.


Step 3 – Signature on Application Forms

You will be requested to sign the application forms by email or visiting our offices in Business Bay, Dubai.

Application Submission

Step 4 – Application Submission and License Issuance

We will submit your application form for the issuance of the trade license. Your trade license will be issued in 3-4 working days by IFZA. There may be a requirement for a pre-approval for certain nationalities which might require additional time for the license issuance.

Start Your Business

Step 5 – Start Your Business

You can commence your business as soon as you your license has been issued. You can also apply for a corporate bank account as soon as you receive your license.

Frequently Asked Questions

An IFZA free zone company is a free zone company incorporated with International Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

No. You can own 100% shares in a free zone company established in IFZA Free Zone.

No. You do not need to obtain a no objection certificate from your employer.

Yes. You can upgrade your license to add visa quotas whenever you wish to do you. You will need to pay the applicable license upgrade and license amendment fee. The license upgrade fee would typically be the amount showing difference between your current license category and the category to which you wish to switch your license to.

You can provide services to clients anywhere with an IFZA license. However, you will not be entitled to have physical office space outside the free zone premises.

IFZA is arguably the cheapest free zone in the UAE when it comes to setting up a business. The free zone also provides easy to follow processes and flexibility for any amendments and other services related issues.

Most of the banks in the UAE provide corporate bank accounts to these companies. However, we usually recommend RAKBANK, Mashreq Bank and Noor Bank.

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