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Individuals and businesses using legal services are increasingly getting frustrated with the quality of customer service offered and the excessive amounts of legal fee charged by lawyers. On top of this, the lack to easy access to lawyers only adds to the frustration of many such clients. Law firms are thus facing demands to provide superior quality service, charge less and become easily accessible. We liberated ourselves from the constraints of traditional thinking in order to come up with ways to provide superior client service and substantially bring down the cost related to the legal services in comparison with the traditional law firms. We found that the use of modern technology and entrepreneurial approach presented great opportunities for offering superior quality legal services in new, easily accessible, cost-effective and client-friendly ways. This realization encouraged us to bring about innovation into our practice by adopting entirely new ways of working and delivering legal services. The creation of Legal Inz reflects our vision and approach towards law and client service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide individuals and businesses accessible, affordable and high quality legal help. We aim to bring legal help within the reach of every individual and business.

Our Values

To achieve our vision to bring legal help within the reach of every individual and business, we have put in place a leadership team whose core value is to lead with personal humility and professional will. We strive for excellence, value teamwork and continuous innovation. We are determined and ensure to deliver in all challenging situations. We exercise sound commercial judgement and integrity. We aim to develop enduring relationships with our clients and stakeholders.

Our Contribution to the Society

We have committed a significant percentage of our net annual income to support child education initiatives in the developing countries. Our ambition is to raise the aspirations and skills of the children who form part of the socially excluded groups. We also play an active role and provide legal assistance to the UAE and non-UAE based charities and non-profit organisations. We spare significant amount of time in offering pro bono legal help when and where needed.

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