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Choosing Beneficiaries in UAE Will

One of the main objectives of writing a Will in the UAE is to ensure that your chosen beneficiary can inherit your assets after your death.

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In the absence of a Will in the UAE, the Sharia Law is applied by the courts to the distribution of assets. This would typically mean that your wife is entitled to 1/8 of your assets and your parents and children will inherit from your assets as per the fixed shares devised under the Sharia Law.

The non-Muslims typically include the following persons as sole or joint beneficiaries in their Wills:

  • Spouse, as the main beneficiary
  • Children and grand-children, as first alternate beneficiaries
  • Relatives (parents, siblings, grandparents), as the second alternate beneficiaries

For unmarried individuals, the beneficiaries are chosen by them based on their personal circumstances.

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