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Wills in countries outside UAE

Give your family peace of mind with a Will

We provide a personalized legal document which:

  • is prepared by our lawyers to specifically protect your assets in the offshore jurisdiction.
  • reflects your requirements in the offshore jurisdiction.
  • covers your family, beneficiaries and more.

Single Will

AED 3,000

AED 1,999

Mirror Wills

AED 4,000

AED 2,499

Fill our simple Form to prepare your Offshore Will(s)

It is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1
Step 1

Simply select and fill in the online form in about 5-10 minutes.

Step 2
Step 2

We will prepare and share your draft Will(s) with you in 3 working days.

Step 3
Step 3

The draft(s) will be finalised and we will guide you on signing.

To complete your Will(s) for jurisdictions other than the UAE, our online form asks you simple questions such as:

  • Your family details and the location of assets
  • Your beneficiaries 
  • Your executor details 

It is absolutely free to fill in our online form. We do not require you to make any payment unless you wish us to proceed with preparing your draft Will(s).

Common Questions

A will is arguably the most important legal document that you will ever create in your life. A Will (i) directs how your property will be managed and distributed and; (ii) provides for the care of your minor children, after your death. If you are a non-muslim expat in the UAE, a validly written Will could be the only possible way to expect your wishes to be respected in respect of your assets in the UAE.
The courts in offshore jurisdictions would adhere to the local laws in respect of the distribution of your assets if you die without a Will in place (which is known as dying “intestate”). As a way out, you can specify how your assets in the offshore jurisdiction will be distributed through a clearly drafted Will.
In Legal Inz's online process, you will be asked a series of simple questions. Our lawyers will then prepare your Will. Majority of our clients complete our easy questionnaire in around 10 minutes. The online process has made it easy for us to provide you with a Will at substantially reduced cost. The process ensures that you receive your Will within the shortest possible time after you have filled in the online questionnaire.
A single will is a Will of any individual who wants to make a Will for himself/herself. For instance, a single Will can be prepared for a husband where he gives instructions in relation to the distribution of his assets. A single Will can be prepared by a married, single, widowed or divorced person.
Mirror Wills are specially written for the UAE expat couples (husband and wife) who wish to make identical Wills to nominate each other as the main beneficiaries. These are two separate Wills, one for the husband and one for the wife.

Why Choose Legal Inz?

Our online service is developed and maintained by experienced lawyers.
Our service includes any number of (free of cost) amendments to your Will within the first six (6) months of finalising the draft, should you change your mind or your personal circumstances change.
You will complete the process of finalising your draft Will in the comfort of your home without visiting a lawyer.
Your draft Will can be sent to you within three business days.
We offer lifetime client support.

We Come to You

Most of the expat working couples do not have enough time to deal with their estate planning matters due to their busy lifestyles. These expats have expressed interest in having their UAE wills in place. 

In view of this requirement, Legal Inz has initiated an exclusive service to assist expats to deal with their estate planning issues and have their UAE Wills in place. Our estate planning lawyers are now available to meet clients at their preferred locations on Saturdays. They are pleased to respond to any questions clients may have on estate planning and will writing. The lawyers accept instructions instantly to prepare the Wills.

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