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Powers of Attorney in the UAE

Our process involves 3 simple steps:

  • Select the POA you need and order it with a few clicks.
  • Our lawyers will prepare your customised draft and email it to you. You can review your draft and ask for any amendments if needed. Once you approve the final draft, we will complete the Arabic translation.
  • Your POA will then be notarized at the Notary Public. The notarization can be either completed by physically visiting the Notary Public or can be done online, through a process known as e-notarization. Legal Inz offers complete assistance for both online and in-person notarization processes.

Option 1: In-Person Notarization

Step 1

Select your required POA and place an online order.

Step 2

Our POA specialists will prepare your draft and send it for your approval. Once you approve the draft, we will carry out the Arabic translation.

Step 3

We will fully assist you at the Notary Public for the in-person notarization process.

Step 4

Your notarized POA will be issued by the Notary Public.

Option 2: E-Notarization

You may opt for this process if you are not available to visit the Notary Public or if you are not present in the UAE. To proceed with this option, a valid passport is all you need.

Step 1

Choose the POA you require and place an online order.

Step 2

Our POA specialists will prepare a draft and send it for your approval. Once you approve the final draft, we will carry out the Arabic translation.

Step 3

You can opt for a video call or send a video recording to verify your identity for the e-notarization.

Step 4

Your e-notarized POA will be issued to you directly by email.

Undoubtedly yes! Every power of attorney prepared at Legal Inz is assured to meet your specific requirements. Your POA draft can be amended an unlimited number of times. Moreover, we offer a ‘Meet the Purpose Guarantee’ for all POAs made by us.

We offer you the exclusive benefit of making an unlimited number of amendments to your POA draft at no extra cost.

Yes, Legal Inz offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with our services.

Our POAs are backed by a ‘Meet the Purpose Guarantee’. We promise a 100% refund if a POA prepared by us does not fulfil its intended purpose.

All powers of attorney at Legal Inz are prepared by qualified lawyers who are well-versed with the relevant UAE laws.

Once ready, the POA draft will be delivered to you via email.

Yes, Arabic translation is mandatory for all powers of attorney made in the UAE and must be done through a duly authorized legal translator, which Legal Inz guarantees you of.

A general POA assigns broad authorities to the agent/attorney. With a general POA, the agent/attorney can make legal, financial, and medical decisions for the principal. Whereas a special POA grants only specific powers like selling your property.

That’s a good question. The best way to do this is to make a vehicle POA and appoint another individual as the attorney for selling the car on your behalf.

The timeframe for preparing a power of attorney is 2-3 working days. This is subject to you responding to our emails on a same-day basis. We also offer an urgent service by which the entire process including notarisation can be completed in eight (8) working hours. The urgent service can be selected in the online order form.

Absolutely. You can always opt for e-notarization if a physical visit to the Notary Public in the UAE is not possible. As explained above, this can be done through a video call or by sending a video recording to us. In either case, Legal Inz offers end-to-end assistance.

Yes, you can make a power of attorney even if you are not a UAE resident.

Yes, you can make a POA through e-notarization for use in the UAE. This is applicable to UAE residents and non-residents.

Yes, Emirates ID is not required for notarizing a POA.

For Personal POA:

  • Passport copy of the principal and attorney
  • Residence visa/Emirates ID copy of the principal and attorney (if available)
  • Other relevant documents (applicable to special POAs)

For Corporate POA:

  • Passport copy (or copies) of shareholder(s) and attorney
  • Emirates ID(s) of shareholder(s) and attorney (if available)
  • Trade license copy
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA)
  • Other documents may be required for complicated POAs.

The principal or signatory is the maker of the POA and the one delegating the authority or powers to another individual to act on his/her behalf.

No worries. Legal Inz can act as your attorney and carry out all necessary transactions on your behalf. As a professional law firm, we are trusted by numerous clients to act as their attorney. You may contact us for a fee quote for your specific requirements.

The attorney or agent is the individual who is granted the authority or powers through a POA to act and make decisions on behalf of the principal.

Yes, any non-UAE resident with a valid passport can be appointed as the attorney.

Yes, we do make POAs to be used abroad. The process of signing POAs for overseas use varies according to the country where the POA is intended to be used. However, the general process involves the following steps:

In the UAE

  • Drafting and Arabic translation
  • Notarization
  • Attestation by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) UAE
  • Certification by the respective country’s embassy in the UAE

Outside the UAE

  • Stamping by the respective country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs or equivalent body
  • Translation of the draft to the country’s official language
  • You are advised to contact us to clarify the process for your specific jurisdiction.

Notarization is the process to be completed with the Notary Public in the UAE and involves verifying the principal’s identity and the powers to be delegated through the POA.

Legalization is the process followed for POAs made in the UAE for overseas use or POAs made overseas for use in the UAE. This process involves attestation/certification by authorities like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies of the UAE, Ministry of Justice, etc.

Not at all. Our qualified legal experts will ensure that your power of attorney is prepared in such a way that it is valid across all seven (7) Emirates.

Interesting question. This can be done by making special POAs. With such a POA, you can assign only specific and relevant powers to your attorney and restrict his/her powers only to certain situations/transactions. This way, you can avoid misuse of your power of attorney by the agent/attorney.

The revocation of a UAE power of attorney can be done either online or by a visit to the Notary Public. For physical revocation, we will draft a revocation notice to be submitted to the Notary Public. You will need to visit the Notary Public with your original power of attorney and passport/Emirates ID. To know about the online process, you are advised to contact us for more details about the procedure.

Usually, most general POAs are valid throughout the lifetime of the principal/signatory. While a company POA is valid till the company exists, a vehicle POA is valid till its purpose is met (e.g., buying or selling). Certain powers of attorney such as property POAs for transactions related to properties have a validity of 2 years for selling purposes and 5 years for purchasing purposes. It must be noted that the validity of a POA varies in each Emirate.

As per the UAE law, the legal age to be a principal/signatory and to be appointed as an attorney is 21 years.


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