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Estate Planning in the UAE

Estate planning plays a critical role, both during and after one´s life. Given that it is also one of the most challenging tasks in life, we work closely with our expatriate clients to effectively achieve their estate planning goals.

Knowing the implications of expatriate life in the UAE, we use specific estate and business planning tools in order to help our clients preserve their estate for their heirs. We help our clients understand the various options at their disposal and counsel them on the best strategies for realizing their individual objectives.

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Through planning and professionally prepared Wills, the non-Muslim UAE expats may be able to transfer their assets to the beneficiaries of their choosing.

You should achieve the following goals with your estate plan and properly executed Will in the UAE: 

Provide for your loved ones
Select guardians for your minor children
Select executors (legal representatives) to implement the Will in the UAE
Maintain control over your assets
Secure your wife and childrens´ inheritance
Plan for the future of your business
Give specific gifts to individuals of your choice
Achieve your charitable and philanthropic goals
Give specific instructions on other issues that are important to you

We take the time to become thoroughly acquainted with our clients, their personal situation, and the goals they desire to achieve in order to prepare effective estate plans and Wills for them. 

Estate Planning

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