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Where are RAK offshore companies registered?

RAK offshore companies are registered with RAK International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC) situated in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. These offshore companies are referred to as International Business Companies under the applicable regulations. RAK ICC is a state-of-the-art Registry and follows international standards and best practices adopted by other offshore jurisdictions around the world. 

RAKICC keeps confidentiality of shareholders as a top priority and their identity is kept strictly confidential by law.

RAK offshore companies can serve multiple objectives such as asset protection, trading, tax planning, real estate holding and estate planning.

RAK offshore companies are quick and easy to set up and require only one director and shareholder as a basic requirement. The shareholder and director can be the same person.

Main features of RAK offshore companies

  • Modern legislation
  • Zero taxes
  • 100% ownership by foreigners
  • Single or multiple directors 
  • Own shares in local company
  • Zero paid-up capital
  • No accounting and audit requirements
  • No limitations on any nationality 
  • Conduct business outside the UAE
  • Bank accounts in the UAE and abroad
  • No limitation on capital expatriation
  • Registered address in the UAE

Activities not permitted

  • Financial 
  • Insurance and re-insurance
  • Media
  • Aviation
  • Conduct business with onshore companies in the UAE
  • Establishing a branch in the UAE

Activities allowed

  • International trade
  • Brokerage activities
  • Property holding (does not include holding real estate property in Dubai)
  • On-line advertising activities 
  • Consultancy 
  • Registration of ships
  • Trading in stock markets

Documents involved in the RAK offshore company formation process

Documents required

  • Passport copy
  • UAE visa or entry stamp to the UAE (where applicable)
  • Proof of residential address – latest utility bill
  • Phone number and e-mail
  • Simple CV 
  • Bank reference (bank to confirm the shareholder as a client)

Documents you will receive after formation

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Share certificate(s)
  • Appointment of Director and Secretary  
  • Register of Directors
  • Shares Register
  • Company seal

Common Questions

  1. Any person/investor who is interested in starting a business but his/her intention is not to conduct such business in the UAE.
  2. Any person/investor who intends to minimize his/her tax liabilities or otherwise protect assets.
  3. Any person/investor interested in carrying out general trading and professional services.

Legal Inz’s RAK offshore company set-up package is AED 8,999 (reduced from AED 11,999). This is the lowest fee for setting up of RAK offshore company in the UAE and includes the following services for one (1) year:

  1. Registered agent services for RAK offshore company.
  2. Registered office address for RAK offshore company.
  3. Secretarial services for incorporation and maintenance of RAK offshore company.
  4. P.O. Box of the offshore registered agent.

RAK offshore company can only be registered through an agent that is registered with RAK ICC.

The following are the key benefits of RAK offshore company:

  • RAK offshore company can be owned by anyone 100%.
  • RAK ICC assures confidentiality of shareholders.
  • RAK offshore business setup enjoys zero corporate taxes.
  • RAK offshore company can be registered from anywhere in the world. There is no need for the owners to visit the UAE.
  • There is no requirement of physical office.
  • RAK offshore entities can open bank accounts inside and outside the UAE.
  • RAK offshore companies can own shares in any other legal entities inside and outside UAE.
  • Any UAE resident or non-resident person can be a shareholder or a director in RAK offshore company.

All RAK offshore companies are required to use ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd’ as suffix to indicate the legal their status.

As a general rule, RAK offshore companies are not permitted to use words such as Dubai, RAK, Emirates, Financial, Bank, Gulf, School, University or Re-insurance.

The registered agent obtains at least three (3) names from clients to check the name availability. If the name meets the requirements and is not being used by someone else, it is approved by RAK ICC.

RAK offshore companies can only be set-up through agents registered with RAK ICC.

RAK ICC have an approved list of agents who are authorized to incorporate RAK offshore companies.

The RAK registered agents facilitate clients in the entire company formation process. Once the company is formed, RAK registered agents maintain the information of the company and arrange for the renewal of the license every year.

There is no requirement of minimum capital for setting up RAK offshore company.

The company is allowed to have any amount as capital which is specified in the memorandum of association of the company.

Further, there is also no requirement to deposit the capital in the bank account either during or after the offshore company incorporation in RAK.

There is a requirement of at least one (1) director and one (1) secretary for each offshore company in RAK but they can both be natural persons or corporate bodies. Both of these designations can be given to or held by one (1) person.

An offshore company in RAK is required to appoint an agent approved by RAK ICC and such agent provides the new offshore company with its own office address as the address of the offshore company.

The offshore company in RAK is required to maintain books of accounts which should be audited annually. However, there is no requirement to submit any audited financial statements to RAK ICC.

Assuming all the required documents are already provided to us, it usually takes one (1) working day to incorporate an offshore company in RAK.

  1. RAK offshore entity is not permitted to undertake any business activity inside the UAE. 
  2. RAK offshore entity is not eligible for any UAE visas. 
  3. RAK offshore entity cannot lease an office space in the UAE.
  4. RAK offshore entity is not permitted to hire employees in UAE.

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  • Member of DIFC and Probate Registry

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